[ ] We Move

[ ] We Move is all about inclusive celebration – a series of ten parties planned and hosted by a diverse set of community groups from across the city of Pittsburgh.

Join Welcoming PittsburghThe Global SwitchboardShift Collaborative, and the ten community groups featured in this year’s We Move series.

A special thanks to Janera Solomon of Kelly Strayhorn Theater for sparking the conversation that led to [ ] We Move.

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Background by: Amitai Angor AA VFX
Music by: Audionatix and Silent Partner
Special thanks to DJ SMI


More dates to confirm.

Friday, 07/15/2016 | [ ] We Move Launch Party

When: July 15th from 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Where: The Global Switchboard | 305 34th Street


This FREE, outdoor event promises music, tasty treats, charming people, and a mini preview of the 10 celebrations to come.

• Drinks by Bar Marco 
• Munchies from the Halal food truck
• Popsicles by Popsburgh 
• Musical entertainment by DJ SMI

Saturday, 09/03/2016 | [With a Smile] We Move

Party organized by Union of Somali-Bantu


When: September 3rd from 7-10pm
Where: Allegheny Unitarian Universalist Church | 416 W. North Ave. Pittsburgh PA 15212


More details coming soon.

Saturday, 09/10/2016 | [Through Harmony] We Move

Party organized by The Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania


When: September 10th from noon-4pm
Where: Mellon Park Shelter, Fifth Avenue


More details coming soon.

Saturday, 09/10/2016 | [In Leadership] We Move

Party organized by Ujamaa Collective and BMe Pittsburgh


When: September 10th from 5-9pm
Where: Kaufman Center | 1825 Centre Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15219


More details coming soon.

Saturday, 09/17/2016 | [With Asian Beats] We Move

Party organized by Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition


When: September 17th from 6pm – 11pm
Where: Murray Ave in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, PA.


More details coming soon.

Saturday, 09/24/2016 | [For Peace in Africa] We Move

When:  Saturday 24th from 2pm-6pm
Where: Oval Shelter in Schenley Park


Free food and drinks, music by DJ SHYTEE, special feature song JJC, and 419 Squad “We Are Africans” and various local artist performances. Bring an emblem to represent your country!

Sunday, 09/25/2016 | [With Brazilians] We Move

Party organized by COESA Brazilian Association


When: September 25th from 3pm – 6pm
Where: Riverfront Park Millvale, Pittsburgh, PA.



The City of Pittsburgh in partnership with the Welcoming Pittsburgh Program has granted us the great opportunity to promote our culture through this WE MOVE event!

We will have live music, Brazilian food and lots of fun!
Free event! Several raffles. Wear your Brazilian attire and bring your friends and family.

3:00-3:30 DJ
3:30-3:40 Opening
3:45-4:25 Vera Hite and Adriano (guitar and voice)
4:25-4:35 DJ / Raffle
4:35-5:15 Group Pau Brasil (samba group)
5:15-5:25 Raffle
5:25-5:55 Timbeleza, Pittsburgh Samba Group, Little Stars and Baila Samba (percussion group and dance)
5:55-6:00 Closing

For additional information, contact us at contact@coesabrazil.org.


A Prefeitura de Pittsburgh juntamente com o Program Welcoming Pittsburgh criou o projeto WE MOVE, que nos presenteou com esta grande oportunidade de promover a nossa cultura!

Teremos música ao vivo, comida brasileira e muita diversão!
Entrada gratuita! Sorteio de brindes.Venda de comidas e bebidas.

Dia: Domingo, 25 de Setembro de 2016

Horário: Das 15 às 18:30

Local: Millvale Riverfront Park

Endereço: 70 River Front Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15209

Saturday, 10/01/2016 | [With Bhutanese ] We Move

Party organized by Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh


When: October 1st from 5:30 – 8:30pm
Where: St. Peter’s Church – Brentwood 4048 Brownsville Rd, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15227


Free Party with Bhutanese & Nepalese Ethnic food, Cultural Dances, and Music. 

Saturday, 10/15/2016 | [Juntos] We Move

Party organized by the Latino Family Center


When: October 15th, from 4pm-8pm
Where: Market Square | Downtown Pittsburgh


Come to our [Juntos] We Move Party! Here you will get to observe (and buy!) handmade art and gifts from Latino artists in the Pittsburgh region, eat delicious food and hear music from all across Latin America! More importantly you will get to party with your Latino neighbors who love the City of Pittsburgh and who most call it home. 


Saturday, 10/22/2016 | [With Romanians] We Move & Party

Party organized by the Romanian Community of Pittsburgh


When: October 22nd from 7pm-11pm
Where: CMU, Cohon University Center, Connan Room, 1st Floor


Join the Romanian community in celebrating the diversity and the vibrancy of our city by trying a few steps of traditional Romanian dances, tasting Romanian culinary recipes, listening to Romanian music and making new friends while learning a few Romanian words.