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Amizade empowers individuals and communities through worldwide service and learning. Amizade’s vision is to create an equitable world where all people can connect freely and forge lasting friendships. 

Projects in: United States of America, Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Bolivia, Brazil, Ghana, Tanzania, Northern Ireland, Poland, and India

Armada Global Inc.

Armada Global, Inc. is a risk management firm offering investigative, intelligence, and security solutions to corporations, NGOs, and private citizens. Managed by former operational personnel from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Armada has global expertise. Within the company’s three sectors – Investigations, Intelligence, and Security – Armada Global employs a number of highly skilled professionals, including former and retired members of the U.S. government’s most elite security and intelligence organizations.  Our officers specialize in collecting and analyzing actionable intelligence for corporate decision makers; providing travel intelligence, tracking, and security services for international travelers; conducting high-tech surveillance; building surveillance platforms for law enforcement and professional investigators; providing security consulting and executive protection services; conducting surveillance training sessions for law enforcement and professional investigators; and integrating/installing surveillance & security technology. Armada Global’s clients include individuals, small businesses, NGOs, corporations, and numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Projects in: United States of America

Building New Hope

Building New Hope is a volunteer driven 501 C3 nonprofit organization based in Pittsburgh PA that has been building partnerships with communities in Central America for more than 20 years. In Nicaragua, we have partnered with a worker owned coffee cooperative for more than 12 years marketing their organic, shade grown, better than fair trade coffee here in the US. In Granada, Nicaragua we operate two supplemental schools for underserved youth and sponsor a high school scholarship program for nearly 40 students.

Projects in: United States of America, Nicaragua, and Granada

Change Agency

Launched September 2016, Change Agency is a social enterprise focused on advancing civic initiatives and community change efforts. Change Agency’s flagship project is the Community Blueprint, a community-designed immigrant integration plan that exists independent of government and reaches across Allegheny County. Building on local efforts to welcome and support immigrants, the Community Blueprint was created in collaboration with 173 residents, including 88 immigrant leaders.

Projects in: United States of America

El Sistema

Established in 2013, El Sistema Pittsburgh is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization modeled after the music program originated in Venezuela and fosters a localized approach to music education. The organization will establish youth music programs throughout the city of Pittsburgh, taught by regional musicians and educators, whose approaches to music education are aligned with El Sistema’s philosophy: namely, that immersive classical music education can be a means of uplifting and unifying an underserved community.

Projects in: United States of America and Venezuela

Friends of Farmworkers

Friends of Farmworkers supports low-wage workers as they pursue economic and social justice. We do this through the provision of Legal Services, Education, and Advocacy. We advance our mission by providing free legal representation on employment-related issues to eligible Pennsylvania workers. We also provide community education on legal rights for migrant and immigrant workers throughout the Commonwealth. For nearly 40 years, FOF has provided direct legal assistance to thousands of individuals and improved the living and working conditions of a much larger number through advocacy, education, and impact litigation.

Projects in: United States (Pennsylvania)


GlobalPittsburgh brings together globally-minded people in the Pittsburgh region through membership activities and hosting programs, we help universities and English Language programs attract more international students, and we coordinate visits for international delegations through the U.S. Department of State.

Projects in: United States of America

Greg and Janet Smith

Greg and Janet Smith are high impact volunteers. Their main interests are micro finance and WaSH related issues, and have extensive experience overseas in teaching in the areas of clean water, sanitation, and hygiene.
They are certified by Lifewater International as field trainers in the areas of Community Development, Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene.

Projects: worldwide


Inclusant enables non-profit and social entrepreneur leaders to maximize organizational diversity and equality of opportunity. Calling upon cross-sector experience and empirical evidence about the efficacy of different diversity training models, Inclusant offer clients systematic guidance for establishing and maintaining more diverse and inclusive workplaces in Pittsburgh.

Projects in: United States of America.

Somali Bantu Community Association

The Somali Bantu Community Association serves the Somali Bantu community in Allegheny County Pennsylvania by providing language interpretation support, educational support, economic development, case management and immigration services, and other efforts to maintain the culture and value of the community.

Projects in: United States of America.