From Other to Us

no one wants to be perceived as an other

As we’ve worked together to build welcoming communities in Allegheny County, we tended to look outward to other regions for best practices related to immigrant integration. But we’ve come a long way since we started, and it’s time to look inward.

From Other to Us, will showcase real experiences from our local immigrant communities. Help us lift up our local best practices and champions who are transforming our region into a place where all our residents have a sense of belonging. By submitting your story, you can help us recognize the specific behaviors of welcomers who build an inclusive community. Once submitted, your story will be published online and could be selected to be professionally produced as a visual feature by The Global Switchboard.

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Angelica Ocampo, from Argentina to Pittsburgh

From Other to Us is a storytelling project produced by Change Agency and The Global Switchboard.