The Global Switchboard fosters effective global engagement and inclusive dialogue through our network, our coworking space, and our digital hub.



>> For globally-minded organizations and individuals in the area, The Global Switchboard offers:


Our 4000 square foot building has all the amenities of a professional co-working office. 

Main co-working space.

Main co-working space at The Global Switchboard.


Our members are encouraged to collaborate on projects, share resources, and partner in the pursuit of a building a better world.


Convening of recipients of the Switchboard Community of Practice grants provided by The Sprout Fund 


Our coalition is diverse across sectors and disciplines, allowing members to grow their networks and expand their influence.


The Global Switchboard Launch Party in 2014 was an opportunity for members and community to connect.


Our goal is to increase the visibility of our members global efforts, so that we can better impact the world.  


Members are featured in Switchboard Stories where they tell their story of global engagement in Pittsburgh.

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